Life update!

So I have been very hesitant for a long time about writing this but here goes nothing! This last semester for me has been so crazy. I finished completely coming out to myself and allowing myself to say that I am not straight. I got accepted into the major I applied for. I began experiencing depression and my anxiety heightened. There were many times where I did not think I could make it through another day but then, I found something to help me get through it one day at a time.

Last semester I was in an introductory course as a prerequisite for my major. I usually assumed that all of the girls in my class are completely straight. I started getting to know one of the girls in my class, I will give her the pseudo name Alessandra to protect her identity. Alessandra and I were placed on a group project together with two other people. She was always so sweet and also happened to be very cute. One day while we were working on the project, I said that I had to leave early for something. She then asks me if I had to leave early for an LGBT event on campus (it was shocking that our campus had such an event). I was hesitant to tell her but I did anyway and oh boy am I thankful that I did. Alessandra came out to me and told me that she was gay. I was beyond excited. Long story short, we kissed (I’ll have to write about that another time). She is such an amazing individual. Alessandra is so supportive and sweet. She goes out of her way to take care of you. She is the kind of person who is selfless and a great listener. She is strong and beautiful. She has had her own fair share of dealing with mental health so she gets it and she is there for you if you are struggling with mental health. She is the kind of person that helps me get through the day when I think I can no longer make it.

Photo credit: Tony Webster via Visualhunt


2 Replies to “Life update!”

  1. I’m buzzing for you! I feel like I can relate. This year I’ve come out as bi, had to battle for my life with depression and I also got accepted into my college course. Everything’s been so up and down. I’m do excited to start college though, hopefully I’ll see the same positivity that you have seen.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m buzzing for you too 🙂 It’s so incredibly hard sometimes to be LGBTQ+ especially in toxic environments such as my university. However, at the end of the day, it will be worth it. You’ll be stronger from your experiences.


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